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Special Operator 5 Hour Training Sessions available for Airsoft Teams

Have you ever watched “Sicario,” “Uncommon Valor,” or “0-Dark-thirty” and wondered how the pros operate?  SOU  balances the perfect blend of recreational fun with time-tested tactical methodology that has been forged under the crucible of fire.  It’s a sick adrenaline rush less the boot camp. Also, you will develop your team-building and leadership skills!


·      Leadership and Team-Building skill development in a fun, SAFE & structured environment

·      5 hours of whirlwind events and force-on-force engagements that will overwhelm you with sensory/informational overload like a frontal assault

·      StrongHold Ops’ 25,000 square foot Airsoft/ Lazer Tag team-building facility

·      Complete Lazer Tag equipment and phaser

·      2 hours of structured tactical training

·      ½ hour pizza and soda break

·      2.5-3 hours of round-robin team/individual tournament designed to test your leadership, teamwork and tactical prowess in a competitive environment

·      Recognition for “Top Team,” “Top Team Leader,” “Top Gun,” and “Lone Survivor”

·      Individual and group exercises that are based upon real-word training techniques, missions and intel

·      Tons of force-on-force action – This is about the only time in life where you’re supposed to attack your friends, family, colleagues, bosses and coaches

·      Oh, did we mention 5 hours of non-stop action, FUN, and all the memories, bragging rights and “war stories” to embellish every time you re-tell it?

WHERE:  StrongHold Ops, 1437 Bedford Street, Abington, MA  02351 (just behind a parking lot of school buses) strongholdops.com

WHEN:     StrongHold Ops needs a hard commitment no later than one week before the actual event.  You pay (non-refundable) when you “enlist” to become part of the “mission.”  If you verbally commit to enlist you are expected to honor your word. This is the first test of being a true team player.  Will you do what you say and be there for them or will you let them down?

WHY:  You’ll never have so much fun “fighting” with your friends, family and colleagues while learning about teamwork and leadership!

Stronghold Ops has partnered with Major Richard Kuong. Take a look at his bio below and call Stronghold Ops today at 781-878-8955 for more information.

Major Kuong is the principal for Kilo 1 Applications Group, LLC, a federation of security, law enforcement and former military professionals that provide security consulting, services and training to clients.  In addition to providing private security services for numerous clients within New England since 2002, Mr. Kuong has been a tactical law enforcement instructor/trainer, Executive Protection agent, private detective and security training director. These endeavors have included providing investigations, surveillance and security for many organizations, or protecting politicians, celebrities, professional athletes, corporate officers, and affluent clients.  Some highlights have included detail lead EP for a Saudi Prince, second to the Kingdom, EP agent for a news celebrity opposite a US Secret Service detail during the 2004 Presidential Democratic National Convention in Boston, and providing high threat security in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  

Since 2002, Major Kuong has also been a tactical command and tactical operations instructor and active shooter exercise controller for law enforcement SRTs, US Coast Guard tactical boarding teams, local FBI HRT personnel, and executive private security agents.  He has also advised a State Police specialized unit on tactical and counter-terrorism projects to include LNG ship escort operations and QRF (Quick Reaction Force) operations in support of a counter-terrorism project.

Prior to 2002, Maj Kuong was an infantry, artillery and air support control  officer (active and reserve duty) in the US Marine Corps, “America’s 911,” and a corporate operations manager of 17 years with Merck & Co, Inc.  

In the Marines, Maj Kuong commanded six platoons ranging in size from 20 to 70 men, and had been the Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of a reinforced rifle company, 230 men, for two years to include Operations Desert Shield/Storm.  As an Assistant Operations Staff Officer and a Logistics Officer of a reserve infantry battalion, Maj. Kuong supported the operational tempo, training and logistics elements of a 1,000-man infantry battalion.  He has commanded Marines in extreme climes and places, from 115 to 130 degree desert heat to mountain tops 10,000 feet AGL (Above Ground Level) over a 20 foot base of snow.   

For two years while on active duty, Maj Kuong was a Command Legal Officer and Drug and Alcohol, Control and Counseling Officer (DACCO)  in charge of a legal administrative unit supporting three air squadrons where he administrated and supervised departments that provided investigative, legal, surveillance and substance abuse services for over 700 Marines and sailors.  

Maj Kuong was also vetted to hold a NSI (National Security Information)  “Secret” clearance where he was entrusted to secure “Secret” information and material both within a tactical environ and while in garrison.

During the 80’s, Maj Kuong conducted a brief stint (one year) in law enforcement where he was decorated 4 times (twice for saving lives, once for valor during an armed domestic, and once for community service).     

Over the past four years, Maj Kuong developed, edited, and has taught active shooter, tactical medical and counter-terrorism courses, (Full Active Shooter Training)/Counter-Terrorism Force-on-Force courses to first responders, military and private security personnel throughout New England. Maj Kuong’s courses have been lauded as among the finest of their kind within the Law Enforcement community.  FAST course has been recognized by MPTC and counts toward an officer’s 40-hour, annual in-service training requirement to include tactical firearms training.  EMTs within the Commonwealth that have graduated from Tac-MEDIC 16-hour course have received 12-hours OEMS continuing educational credit.