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Stronghold Ops has partnered with Major Richard Kuong to present FAST:

Full Active Shooter Training.


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Will You Be Prepared To Save Lives?


& Counter-Terrorism Course for First Responders


“When we first arrived, we were told that by day’s end we’d be better prepared in Active Shooter response than most patrol officers across the country.  This course lived up to that claim”–Massachusetts patrol officer



The Problem:

Active Shooter and terrorist incidents have struck American society to the core.  The average incident lasts 12 minutes. 57% last 5 minutes and 23% are over in 2 minutes. On average one life is taken every minute! SWAT is invaluable.  However, it’s simply not feasible to stage a SWAT team at every school, shopping mall, office space and street corner in America 24/7. Bottom line, when the public runs from gunfire 1st responders are first on scene!

The Solution:

FAST is a dynamic, cerebral, no-nonsense Active Shooter force-on-force course. It also serves as a foundation tactical/counter-terrorism course.  FAST will instill fundamental knowledge and skill proficiency, from which to build upon, in Active Shooter response.  It will teach 1st responders tactical situational awareness and how to operationally employ themselves–in accordance with ICS principles and commonly accepted tactical principles–individually and up to five-person teams in reality-based Active Shooter scenarios (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N9AKvic1sQ )

FAST is primarily designed for non-SWAT officers and 1st responders featuring 10 solid hours (1 day) of Active Shooter tactical training.  Goals are achieved by utilizing AirSoft semi-auto/full auto M4 rifles in numerous “force-on-force” engagements and reality-based scenarios.

The Deliverable:

FAST graduates are confident, “simulated-combat-experienced,” basically-trained, Active Shooter/counter-terrorism 1st responders.  They will also enhance their leadership and team skills.

Massachusetts LEOs completing FAST receive full credit, 10 hours, toward their 40-hour annual in-service training requirement as prescribed by MPTC.  Additionally, 10 hours of FAST also meets the MPTC firearms training standard because it directly involves tactical firearms training.


All 1st responders:  Law enforcement patrol, SROs, non-SWAT officers, Fire/EMS, campus/hospital police and security (armed and unarmed), private security agents,  and military personnel


FAST employs standardized methodology that initiates upon receipt of a 911 call from dispatch, continues to a staging area, transitions to the final approach to a breach point, and culminates inside a structure to engage an Active Shooter.  Participants rotate as police officers and to role-play as a witness/victim or an Active Shooter (understand/defeat an adversary by training like him). FAST is also a small unit leadership and team building course.  Every officer will learn to be a “Strike Team Leader” or “Assistant Strike Team Leader” during force-on-force scenarios.  Select officers will have the opportunity to be an Incident Commander or a Team Leader during various scenarios.

To speak directly to Major Richard Kuong, please call 781-223-7939, or call Stronghold Ops at 781-878-8955 for more information.