• The 4 safe weapons handling rules are in effect while at Stronghold:
  1. Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
  2. Never point the weapon at anything you do not intent to shoot.
  3. Keep your finger straight and OFF the trigger until you are ready to fire.
  4. Keep your weapon on SAFE until you intend to fire.
  • Required equipment for play:
  1. Full seal ANSI z87.1 (or better) rated goggles.
  2. Full face protection is required for all participants. Minors are required to wear hard full face protection.
  3. Shooter Glasses or ski goggles are NOT permitted.
  4. Red rag/light to indicate “dead men”
  5. Barrel bag/sock/blocker.
  • Facility Rules and Etiquette:
  1. No uncased weapons in the lobby.
  2. Magazines MUST be out, weapons on SAFE, barrel bags ON while not on the field.
  3. Absolutely NO test firing weapons while in the staging area. Stronghold Ops offers a Target Range available at all times to allow players to test fire and tune replicas safely.
  4. All weapons, regardless of size or firing mechanism MUST be chronographed before they will be allowed on the field for play. All weapons MUST operate within 350FPS with .25g BBs.
  5. Goggles MUST be worn at all times while on the field. Under no circumstances are goggles to be removed. You must leave the playing area to defog or fix goggle issues. Violation will result in immediate removal from field.
  6. The lobby is not meant for storing or prepping gear. Please keep personal belongings neat and tidy while in the lobby. Areas for gear prep and storage are available in the Staging Area.
  7. Stronghold Ops is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • In-Game Rules and Sportsmanship:
  1. Call your hits! A hit to any portion of a player’s person, replica, or equipment constitutes a “kill,” and must be called.
  2. Do not call hits for opposing players, however, players are encouraged to assist teammates with maintaining fair and honest play.
  3. If there is a concern over hit calling, speak to a referee, and the referee will address the concern with the other patron.
  4. When in doubt, go out. If you think you were hit, you were.
  5. Friendly fire is never friendly. It counts. Go out.
  6. Blind fire is not permitted. You must be able to see your target and present a target while engaging other players. If a hole in the wall is too small to fit both fists through, you may not fire from it.
  7. Gun hits ALWAYS count.
  8. Thunder Bs are distraction devices only. Do not put BBs into Thunder B shells.
  9. Tornado grenades are not area effect. A BB must hit players to constitute kills.
  10. “Safety Kills” are offered as courtesy, and highly recommended. Do not attempt to safety kill a group of players. This is abuse of this courtesy.
  11. Once hit, make a verbal and visual declaration. Yell “HIT HIT HIT”, and wave a red rag or light to indicate you are hit. Move back to respawn yelling “Dead man walking” with your rag or light above your head.
  12. Rubber knife (melee) kills are permitted. Stronghold Ops allows for very specific methods of employing a rubber knife in order to allow for all ages and genders to enjoy themselves. Please ask a Stronghold Staff member for a demonstration.
  13. BEFORE exiting the field, all replicas must have magazines removed, verify empty chambers utilizing a clearing barrel, and have barrel bag/sock/blocker applied.
  14. All participants are expected to foster an environment of Honesty and Integrity. This game relies on these qualities.
  15. PROFANITY will not be tolerated.