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Join our Special Operations Unit (SOU) Group

Party & Become a Special Operator

. . . ah, for about 5-hours!


Have you ever watched “Sicario,” “Uncommon Valor,” or “0-Dark-thirty” and wondered how the pros operate?  This is your chance to play one for an evening.  SOU isn’t teenagers or co-workers playing unorganized, pick-up paintball—YAWN!    SOU  balances the perfect blend of recreational fun with time-tested tactical methodology that has been forged under the crucible of fire.  It’s a sick adrenaline rush less the boot camp for up to 15 participants. Also, you will develop your team-building and leadership skills!


·      Leadership and Team-Building skill development in a fun, SAFE & structured environment

·      5 hours of whirlwind events and force-on-force engagements that will overwhelm you with sensory/informational overload like a frontal assault

·      StrongHold Ops’ 25,000 square foot Airsoft/ Lazer Tag team-building facility

·      Complete Lazer Tag equipment and phaser

·      2 hours of fun, structured tactical training

·      ½ hour pizza and soda break

·      2.5-3 hours of round-robin team/individual tournament designed to test your leadership, teamwork and tactical prowess in a competitive environment

·      Recognition for “Top Team,” “Top Team Leader,” “Top Gun,” and “Lone Survivor”

·      Individual and group exercises that are based upon real-word training techniques, missions and intel

·      Tons of force-on-force action – This is about the only time in life where you’re supposed to attack your friends, family, colleagues, bosses and coaches

·      Oh, did we mention 5 hours of non-stop action, FUN, and all the memories, bragging rights and “war stories” to embellish every time you re-tell it?

WHERE:  StrongHold Ops, 1437 Bedford Street, Abington, MA  02351 (just behind a parking lot of school buses) strongholdops.com

WHEN:    Your group can choose the day!  StrongHold Ops needs a hard commitment no later than one week before the actual event.  You pay (non-refundable) when you “enlist” to become part of the “mission.”  If you verbally commit to enlist you are expected to honor your word. This is the first test of being a true team player.  Will you do what you say and be there for them or will you let them down.

For More Details Contact: RKuong@K1ag.com  or at:  781-223-3979.



Individually we’re one drop.  Together we’re an ocean – Ryunosuke Satoro