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Your mission begins when you suit-up with your Stronghold Ops Lazer Combat suit complete with vest and combat phaser. Once you’re suited up, you’ll receive your pre-combat briefing where you will receive instructions on how to play, the objectives of your game scenario, and the rules of the game. Next you’ll enter the arena where the combat begins! Our large Lazer Combat arena has a maze of obstacles to hide behind and to fight your combat in.

You and your friends will love the real life combat action as you maneuver through our maze of obstacles as you try to out think and out score your opponents. Games can be arranged as individuals or grab your friends and divide up into teams.

Game types include

  • Eliminator
  • Vampire
  • Switcher
  • Team Capture
  • Individual Play

All scores are displayed as they happen in real time. You’ll see your score on our team score monitors.

Please Note!

Players must be at least 7 years old to participate. Players under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver.


Stronghold Ops Lazer Combat featuring lazer Runner technology has a radio frequency system that is like no other. Some radio frequency systems are susceptible to interference causing game delays and poor communication. Stronghold Ops Lazer Combat allows the equipment to change channels automatically if interference is detected, allowing smooth trouble-free Lazer Combat play with no interruptions. With the latest in micro technology, Stronghold Ops Lazer Combat uses a surface mount radio frequency circuit board and internal antennae for transmission of critical data. This compact design is lightweight and eliminates the bulky circuitry and external antennas other Lazer Combat manufacturers use. This makes the equipment much more durable.


Our Lazer Combat system uses the actual lazer beam for transmission of data. This is achieved through a low power lazer diode. The benefit of this system is pinpoint accuracy. What you aim at is what you hit!


The scoring information is instantly and automatically displayed on Team Score Monitors located in the Lazer Combat arena. Individual player’s scores are updated instantly right on the display on their phasers.