About Stronghold Ops

“What is Airsoft?” many people ask. Airsoft offers something for everyone. It’s part a gender-neutral sport, part recreation, part exercise, and part living out a POV experience in a series of friendly tactical/military competitive games. Featuring gear and replicas manufactured to meticulous detail, male and female milsim enthusiasts and curious newcomers of all ages from all over New England converge every weekend at Stronghold to engage in adrenaline-charged, non-stop action, and shop at our Pro Shop. Like football, ice hockey or basketball, the pace is fast, the environment is fluid, the games are dynamic and the uncertainty of making split-second decisions from imperfect intel are numerous. After each contest, participants break to recharge and replenish in a spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and, of course, bragging rights!

Laser Tag, in our darkened field accented by dazzling lasers, strobe lights, and other special effects, is viewed as recreational. No projectiles are fired from our phasers which only emit laser beams. However, what starts out as carefree fun, accelerates into fast-paced energy and physical exertion that leave participants perspiring. While light-headed from laughter and exercise, you emerge from the illusory environment into the bright lights of our front area. There, we offer refreshments to fuel you for your next game of fantasy combat!

Whether booking a Nerf gun, Laser Tag, Semi-Pro ball, or Airsoft birthday party, group party or tactical team-building group event, our staff is eager to make each outing special. We’ll cater to your needs and tend to every minute detail. We want to make your decision to come to us the right decision. We want your group leaving exhilarated as you go about the rest of your day.

In addition to boasting the largest indoor Airsoft facility in New England, during non-operating hours, our facility is available for rent for your organization’s special event or specific needs. We offer 25,000 square feet, two playing fields, breakout rooms, and common meeting areas. Both fields are equipped with a professional sound system. Our Laser Tag field, combined with our surreal special effects, features the perfect setting for a dance/entertainment venue. We can staff for under 18, 18 to under 21, and 21 and over group parties/ special events.

On 1 August 2017, Stronghold Ops came under new ownership. Veteran owned and operated, many changes were immediately implemented in virtually every facet. Every executive decision made has been motivated by a yearning to convert Stronghold Ops into the safest, family-friendly or Milsim enthusiast Airsoft, Laser Tag, events/parties and Pro Shop experience possible. Our staff has been vetted and trained to imbue virtues such as: integrity, sportsmanship, fraternity, honor and mutual respect. Professional, proud, caring, friendly and firm, they’re expected to ensure that safety and all rules and regulations are followed so that every single patron experiences a safe, fun, happy and respectful sojourn at our facility. Further, our staff is expected to project these core values whether on or off duty.

With each passing weekend, people from our Stronghold community tell us that a friendly, respectful and welcoming vibe is sensed. This is the cumulative effect of all the personas that work or play here. Like an oasis, it’s a Stronghold spirit that caters to its patrons’ yearnings to escape the routine of everyday life. Whether you’re a regular weekend warrior or a first-time thrill seeker, it’s our sincere wish that you come to us in friendship, play safely, and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Afterwards, with a broad smile you return ready for the real world with a renewed penchant to live life!

“Passion is cool, indifference isn’t” – Anonymous