What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is similar to paintball without the mess. Each participant fires a replica in various combat scenarios using 6mm BBs. Since there is no mess, the game is based on the honor system, and you must raise a red rag anytime you are hit. Once you are hit, you walk back to the spawn area to re-spawn. It works in the same way as your favorite video game. Calling your hits and following the field rules are extremely important for Airsoft to be a fun experience.

Airsoft fosters team work, honesty, bravery and confidence in its players. As a CQB (close quarters battle) indoor arena, Stronghold Ops offers you the largest indoor space in New England. Every few weeks we make changes at the arena so you never get bored or to familiar with the layout. Our commitment to safety and customer service is constant. We encourage you to speak directly with our staff if you have any questions during your visit.

Our Arena

Stronghold Ops is a 25,000 foot indoor CQB (close quarters battle) Airsoft arena. Our cityscape features many buildings including the chemical lab, jail, bank, the tunnel and the bridge. Your team will find plenty of spaces to act out your strategies for victory. We feature realistic building layouts that allow for intense and realistic combat. We are the largest indoor arena in New England, and are constantly changing the set up to allow for fresh play week after week.

Before your play begins you’ll set up your gear in the eye safe staging area. There you will receive your rental gear, and for those that own their own gear, chrono your replica. We have plenty of tables to set up gear on, and you’ll also have access to the Stronghold Ops test fire range with close circuit tv.

Game Types Include:

  • Medic
  • TDM
  • Capture The Flag
  • King of the Hill
  • Bomb
  • President
  • And many more!

Please Note!

  • Airsoft Walk On Players Must Be at Least 12 Years Old
  • Airsoft Private Party Players Must Be at Least 10 Years Old


Self Equipped Play:

  • Friday                                          $25
  • Saturday Session                    $25 (12pm-5pm or 5pm-10pm)
  • Saturday All Day                     $30
  • Sunday All Day (Full Field)                 $35
  • Sunday Session (Full Field)                  $30 (12pm-5pm or 5pm-10pm)


  • 3 Games          $25
  • 5 Games          $30

Game packages include:
Replica, Mask, Vest, Ammo (1 magazine per game)

Rental Packages:

  • Friday                                $45
  • Saturday Session            $45
  • Saturday All Day            $55
  • Sunday All Day                $60
  • Sunday Session     $50

Game packages include:
Replica, Mask, Vest. Ammo not included.

Individual Rental Items:

  • Mask:          $5
  • Vest:            $5
  • Replica:      $15